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Oceanside Sailors

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Oceanside Sailors

Oceanside High School

Oceanside Sailors

Oceanside High School

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Sportsmanship Statement


Spectator Code of Conduct: 

Sportsmanship: A Standard of Excellence

The Athletic Department recognizes the role of Interscholastic Athletics in defining ethical behavior and developing personal character in our students. 

  • The game is for the players. They are here to play, learn and enjoy the experience. Your sportsmanship and appropriate behavior will enhance their educational experience.

  • Recognize and appreciate the efforts and skills of all players regardless of school affiliation. This creates a healthy atmosphere and school culture.

  • Make positive comments, cheer for our team and refrain from negative chants or taunting opponents or game officials.

  • Refrain from "coaching from the sidelines." which is a distraction and inhibits performance.

  • Respect the judgment of coaches and officials' decisions. A scoreboard does not give you the right to demean and act inappropriately to anyone.

  • All spectators must remain off the playing surface, away from the player's benches, locker rooms, and equipment.

  • As per NYSPHSAA rules, noisemakers, air horns, and all other items that can be used to be a nuisance or safety concern to spectators and athletes are prohibited at all times.

  • Face Coverings must be worn at all times while inside the school building.

  • Face coverings should be worn when at crowded outdoor events when social distancing cannot be maintained.

  • No Backpacks, coolers, or outside bottles/drinks

  • No alcohol; No smoking

  • No Dogs/Pets

Our school district supports relationships based on trust, decency, and fairness.  Oceanside athletic contests are held in the spirit of healthy competition and good sportsmanship.  We expect cooperation and respect from all athletes and spectators at home and away contests.  District Administration reserves the right to remove anyone who is not adhering to the guidelines.

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